Voluntary commitment

If you feel united by the actions of the Foundation Little Dreams and wish to bring a little of your time to support our children?, here are the criteria
 The voluntary commitment is …

  1. A freely chosen, not paid act and of duration limited for our events and demonstrations
  2. Logistic support during actions for our children
  3. An act of solidarity exercised in a collective frame
  4. A commitment supported by personal motivations
  5. Have a place in their social life
  6. Any additional action required working with our salaried professionals

Benefits include:

  1. You benefit from clear information about the Foundation Little Dreams, its objectives and its mission
  2. Functioning voluntary activity support to carry out our mission
  3. You can address one person of reference within our Foundation for any question regarding you activity
  4. You receive a defrayal for the expenses which the activity requires (telephone, transport)
  5. You obtain a certificate relative to your voluntary activity

And obligations:

  1. You subscribe to the mission and to the values of the organization
  2. You subscribe to the duty of discretion. You respect the persons with whom you exercise your voluntary activity
  3. Collaborate in a spirit of mutual understanding with the other volunteers and employees

Become a volunteer: Send us your file as well as a letter in support of application.
We shall pleased to contact you as quickly as possible.

Little Dreams Belgium
C/o Ixos Group
Rue Egide Van Ophem 40C
1180 Bruxelles – Belgique
Tél. : +32 487 44 08 24
Fax : +32 2 649 45 32
E-mail: belgium@ldf.cc

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