LDF Miami Launch Event

Miami Lauch Event

Little Dreams Foundation has proudly expanded into the South Florida region where they are hoping to work with local children to help realize their dreams. The South Florida chapter will help children without financial means to prosper in their passion. The Little Dreams Foundation offers two ways to get involved. Supporters can volunteer time and/or offer financial support as an LDF donor. Through volunteering you are able to interact with the children and assist them in achieving their goals. Partners and donors provide financial support for training the young talent to fulfill their dreams, organize fundraising events for the Little Dreams Foundation, and gather materials and supplies such as music or sports equipments. As the Foundation continues to grow, we hope to bring in new groups of talented children across the globe and assist in making their dreams a reality.

Please find below the press conference program


December 4th, 2013 @ FONTAINEBLEAU HOTEL

11.05am The Little Dreams Foundation Presentation by Orianne Collins-Mejjati

11.15am Institutional Film of The Little Dreams Foundation

11.30am Message from the Co-Founder and World-Renowned Musician Composer Phil Collins

11.45am Message from the Famous Artist Romero Britto

12.00pm Message from the Sponsors

12.05pm Q/A

12.35pm Cocktail

13.05pm One-to-one interviews


Little dreams foundation

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