Little Dreams Foundation helps kids from various musical universes: Instrumental, Classical, Pop, Rock, and Vocalists.

an be financial or material but would not exist without the precious advice provided by LDF Godparents: This assistance c

Pop & Rock Music:

Phil Collins, Nick Collins, Frida (ABBA), Lara Fabian, Lorie, Tina Turner, Angelique Kidjo, Stephan Eicher, Pietro Nobile, Michael Jones, Johnny Hallyday, Olivier Saxe

Classical Music:

Pierre Amoyal




Little Dreams has a new partner: TS Music catalog, the Seattle-based Marketing Company

TS Music Catalog is an online music catalog developed to effectively promote creative work of both known and emerging artists. 

Their Catalog allows any author-performer that comes onboard achieve worlwide recognition and become successful in promoting his or her work. 

It can also enable them to create various announcements regarding tour schedules and other planned activities on short notice.

They have created an easy to use rewarding service for their registered artists. They offer maximum reward for their work while conducting powerful and high quality advertising and promoting campaigns throughout the world.

Registered artists will not only find success in sales but will also have a chance to acquire worldwide fame and popularity.

TS Music Catalog/LDF partner

Little dreams foundation

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